Say NO to Step Therapy

Because insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to let patients ‘fail’

Step therapy, also known as "fail first," is a system used by health insurers to control costs. It requires patients to try one (or more) prescriptions – usually a lower cost medicine - to treat a health condition like epilepsy. Patients must then ‘fail’ on the medication(s) before they are allowed to "step up" to another, better prescription that may cost the insurance company more money.

We are building a coalition in the State of Kansas to Say NO to Step Therapy; we need your voice. If you believe that you and your physician are the only ones who should have the authority to decide which medications will work for you, share your step therapy story with us. Your story will be used to educate policymakers on the dangers of step therapy and will go a long way in helping to change these practices.



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