Our Grievance Policy

Grievance Procedure for Members of the Public

The following practices apply to formal grievances by donors, vendors and the general public. However, this practice should not discourage a person from informally approaching the Chief Executive Officer to discuss his/her concern. Application of these grievance procedures is subject to the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors and this provision shall not be construed to create any contract rights on behalf of the person.

A person who feels that s/he has a grievance may submit a written grievance to the Chief Executive Officer. Upon receipt of a written grievance, the Chief Executive Officer shall inform the President of the Board of Directors of the existence of the problem and its nature. The Chief Executive Officer has five (5) working days within which to respond in writing to the person.

If a satisfactory solution cannot be reached, an appeal in writing can be made to the Executive Committee of the Board within ten (10) days of the Chief Executive Officer’s decision. The person shall send a copy of this written grievance, which indicates that it has been brought to the Committee’s attention, to the Chief Executive Officer. The decision of the committee is final.