Education Programs

The Epilepsy Foundation of Missouri & Kansas provides epilepsy training on seizure recognition and on seizure first aid in various community settings for different audiences, including:

  • School personnel (teachers, nurses, administrators, and support staff)**
  • Students (grades 3 through 12)
  • Physicians, nurses, and community healthcare advocates
  • Assisted living staff
  • Day care staff
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • First responders
  • Community agencies
  • Area employers
  • Individuals, family members, and friends

Individuals who complete this training will:

  • Be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of epilepsy as a medical condition
  • Be able to identify and learn about different types of seizures
  • Know what to do and what not to do when someone is having a seizure
  • Be able to share accurate information about epilepsy with others

 **In school settings specifically, these trainings will also help equip attendees with information, strategies and resources that will enable him/her to better manage the student with seizures by supporting positive treatment outcomes, maximizing educational and developmental opportunities, and ensuring a safe and supportive environment.

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